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TXI Artist application - Isis Dunn by abrahamdavid
TXI Artist application - Isis Dunn


 NAME:  Isis Dunn

        • NICKNAME[S]: N/A
     GENDER: Female
     AGE: 17
       • BIRTHDAY: July, 16
     HEIGHT: 1,70m / 5’7”
     WEIGHT: 132,2 lb. / 60 kg.



Pheromone manipulation:

Isis can manipulate and control pheromones, a secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. She can affect hers and others pheromones. Basically she could induce any emotion on a person or a group of persons (Even if she isn’t able to control them to it last extent, with practice she’ll get there), love, desire, confidence, dizziness, the sense of illness or sleep, and much more.



• Isis can only affect humans, men are more easily affected. In order to affect women she needs to do it consciously.

• Pheromones are only perceived by the olfactory sense, so she may only control the emotions on those who can smell, this doesn’t mean pheromones have any smell detectable.

• The effect of her ability can be resisted; if the will of the affected is high (the person would have to resist at will the effect, because the pheromones would still reach the affected through the olfactory sense). Especially for the unconscious pheromones she releases, as when she is under stress, or the attraction pheromones. But the use of her ability consciously is harder to resist it

• The range of this ability is close (25ft) to the pheromone releaser, and the effect will last 10 to 15 minutes.

• When she tries to affect a larger area, or tries to make more than one target releases pheromones at the same time (to affect a larger area) she would weaken, pushing will only lead to faint

• Although she controls pretty well her ability, when strong emotions affect her, she’ll cause the people around her feel the same she’s feeling.



Isis is outgoing; she prefers being involved in a crowd of people than alone. She’s easy going, and likes to talk and learn new things about almost anything. When it comes to her space and life, she is organized. She is not obsessive with order, but she likes to know where her things are.

Isis usually analyzes carefully situations and people, that way she knows how to talk to someone or when to step aside and leave things as they are (When she doesn’t have the time to analyze something she stress out). Because of her analytic attitude, she is determined and confident of the things she does and the way she acts. She always tries to act rightfully, and not to harm anyone.

Because of her ability she attracts people (Attraction pheromones are “on” almost every time).



         She loves to swim.

         Reading text books, and documents.

         Big dogs.

         Parties and big meetings.

         Traveling on planes, she loves to see everything at the distance.


         Close minded people.

         Spicy food.

         Being in a hurry.

         Rock (Music)




Julie Donovan – Mother (46)

Richard Dunn – Father (44)

Rebecca Dunn – Sister (22)



Isis Dunn was born in a wealthy family in Manhattan. She was the second daughter the Dunn’s had. Her father, Richard Dunn was the vice-president of a well-known company, and he assured the best of schools and college for both of her daughters.

Her abilities manifested when she had 16 years old, she was in her way to the company event, with her mother and sister. She was dressed up for the event and beautiful as she was, she felt pretty, and her pheromones did the rest. Although her mother and sister didn’t notice a thing, the chauffeur did. He stopped the car and leap towards Isis from his seat. He wanted to ripped her dress off, he wanted her. The three women got out of the car, and ran away. When they reached the event, Richard Dunn listened carefully to the story, and after that… he started to notice that other men were looking at her daughter with desire. After this, they went home.

Her father started acting over protective, and didn’t let her go out again. It was at that moment that they were contacted by the Xavier Institute for Gifted Individuals, and she was left there, to understand her abilities and learn to control them.


     || TRIVIA ||:


        +  [ + ] Her father doesn’t completely accept she’s a mutant and is still trying to find another cause for the strange events.
 +  [ + ] Her father was affected by the pheromones of Isis (that's the reason he overprotected her, he wanted to feel she was his)
        +  [ + ]
 Her mother is immune to her pheromones (being pregnant of a mutant gave her immunity to those effects even though they were developed later)
        +  [ + ]
        +  [ + ]


     || RP METHODS ||:






No journal entries yet.



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