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Valhan's Application by abrahamdavid
Valhan's Application

Name: Valhan Adhir

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 1,78m – 5’10”

Occupation: Potter

Personality: [Strict] [Careful] [Determined] [Calm] [Sociable] [Generous]

The first thing you notice, is his lost and melancolic gaze, regularly when he is alone. In spite of this, he shows a different attitude when socialize, he is kind and thoughtful, yet reserved when it comes to him or his past. His pokemons are everything to him, he treats they as equals, and appreciate what they mean, his family.

When it comes to him, Valhan is strict and perfectionist. At work he'll dedicate a lot of time to get the details done, or the whole piece perfect. He thinks "Quality over Quantity"

History: Valhan was born and raised at the Desert Biome. He lived with his two sisters and his parents. They were all dedicated to pottery, and his older sister was dedicated to pokemon breeding. He had an ordinary childhood, playing and annoying his sister. When adolescence came he became rebellious and stubborn. Valhan needed some space, and with his family he didn’t had the chance, they always wanted him to work, and become a ceramist, but he wasn’t sure he wanted that. One day he was out walking and he saw two men dressing with habits challenging a kid, Valhan stood in front of the kid while he was escaping, the two men ran toward Valhan, while he was immobilized he felt asleep.

When he woke up he had a sensation of anger. Hodur was already with him being part of a bracelet of him. Next to him a pokeball was resting. He took it and went home.

When Valhan felt under pressure, his personality changed. Hodur was almost coming out. He became to hear voices, and thought he was crazy, one day he took his sister’s daughter and went out, she was only twelve years old. He didn’t know where he was going, they get out of the city and walked to the ancient ruins, they entered and went downstairs, inside.

She was stunned, the organization, the clothes, the pokemons, and everything. That was the first time Hodur appeared out of his bracelet, and Valhan understood. After the tour, they got back home. She was a cultist in training. Every time Hodur took control over him, he took her there.  While this happened Valhan was changing, trying to avoid this situation, without taking his bracelet off because he knew it could do a lot of damage if someone unprepared took it, but when he finally got some control it was already late. The little girl, now a teenager left home to join the cult.

His family knew the truth, and even though it wasn’t his fault directly, they left Verot, leaving him alone. The girl, Sahary stood at the cult. Valhan eventually sees her, but he avoids her. Coming back to pottery is what makes him feel at home, and remember the good times, when he was a little boy, that’s why he became so perfectionist about this; it’s the way to be with his family again.

+ To listen music at full volume while he works with the pottery clay.
+ To visit the Oasis at night.
+ To jog in the morning

- Losing control of him.
- To remember his past.
- To battle.

Relationships: Two older sisters, and his parents, they left Verot.

Additional Notes:

Has a scar on his back and a tattoo below his eyes, like an Egyptian.
About the Spiritomb, he will only affect his personality, and in a less extent the way he acts, nothing more. Valhan doesn't have the ability to produce or use the powers, so the spiritomb must be completely out of his body to do something.

Pokemon Info

Name: Veran
Pokemon: Exeggutor
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ability: Chlorophyll
Type: Grass / Psychic

Leech Seed
Poison Powder

Personality: Calm, prefers to stay in the same place. He is lazy, and instead of hunting he prefers to attract small pokemons directly to his “mouth”.
Short History: Veran was given to him by the cultists. Yet he developed a big friendship with Valhan, must have been the trait given to him by the cultist, or the way Valhan took him and treated him. Veran protects him at every moment, and is always checking the minds of the people close to him. Even though he doesn't have a great way to show his affection, he knows what Valhan suffers and from time to time he modifies his thoughts to maintain his peace.

Name: Hara
Pokemon: Druddigon
Gender: Female
Level: 27
Ability: Rough Skin
Type: Dragon

Shadow Claw
Dragon Claw
Hone Claw

Personality: Absent-minded. Sometimes when Valhan doesn’t pay attention she escapes, but she always comes back. Usually she brings food to Valhan, to show her affection. Hara is territorial, and protective, when it comes to Valhan.
Short History: Hara was found near the oasis by Valhan, she was hurt and starving. Valhan was only a teenager when he found her, despite of his mother he took her home, and took care of her. Valhan didn't captured her, but Hara decided to stay with him, being able to enter a pokeball for him. Hara never forgot what Valhan did, that's why sometimes she dessapears to bring food to him, as a way to thank him.


Name: Hodur
Pokemon: Spiritomb
Gender: Male
Level: 35
Ability: Pressure
Type: Ghost

Dream Eater
Ominous Wind
Shadow Ball

Personality: Self-Centered, cruel and aggressive is what defines Hodur. When Valhan loses control over himself these aspects of Hodur take part of Valhan’s personality.
Short History: Hodur is an evil and cruel soul, trapped out to Valhan by a bracelet. He likes to mess with Valhan's head, and thoughts. To remind him what he did in the past, and Valhans failings through life. All of this to come out finally of his tomb. He cannot do anything more than affect the personality of Valhan, and to a lesser extent to control him, but he must be out completely to use his attacks. 

RP Info: Da Notes, Chatroom and Skype, I don’t understand Tumblr so well, so if you take the time to explain how to rp there, im up to that, and the same with google docs.



No journal entries yet.



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